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"Will Donald Trump really build that wall? Here’s a new research tool for finding out which promises presidents keep."

  • In a primary season filled with outlandish policy promises, one has stood out: Donald Trump’s pledge to strong-arm Mexico into paying for and building a wall. Many observers view Trump’s remarks as nothing more than “cheap talk,” aimed at consolidating support during a competitive primary season. But what happens when the public demands action? A new website by the Comparative Agendas Project,, offers tools to answer this and other questions about how leaders actually govern. 


"This is how candidates are trying to tell you what they really think. (Hint: it’s not through the news media.)"

  • Donald Trump is offending someone. Ben Carson says we’re all the same under the skin. Hillary Clinton is losing support among women (or is she?). Voters like to complain that the news media cover the most superficial aspects of political campaigns: the horse race, the jockeying, the outrage of the day. And candidates are finding a way to bypass the news media’s focus on scandal, and convey their real agendas — through their Twitter accounts.



"The Connector: The Comparative Agendas Project"

  • In this episode, I join Rebecca Eissler and Stuart Tendler to discuss the Comparative Agendas Project, an international effort to systematically measure, compare, and research public policy across the globe.