Curriculum Vitae

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University of Kentucky, Martin School of Public POlicy and Administration

Assistant Professor, 2018-present







“The Politics of Prioritization:  Senators’ Attention in 140 Characters” Forthcoming. The Forum. 

"U.S. Senators on Twitter: Asymmetric Party Rhetoric in 140 Characters" 2017. American Politics Research

“New Avenues for the Study of Agenda Setting”
Policy Studies Journal. 42: 71-86. (with Bryan Jones and Rebecca Eissler)

Book Chapters

“The Media and Policy”
Forthcoming. Ed. John Hird. Policy Analysis in the U.S. (with Maxwell McCombs)

“The Policy Agendas Project.”
2016. American Governance. (with Rebecca Eissler)

“On Punctuated Equilibrium Approaches”
2016. Contemporary Approaches to Public Policy. Ed. Philippe Zittoun and B. Guy Peters (with Bryan Jones and Rebecca Eissler)

“Local Government Agenda Setting”
2016. Handbook on Agenda Setting. Ed. Nikolaos Zahariadis. (with Peter Mortensen and Rebecca Eissler)

"From Crisis to Stasis: Media Dynamics and Issue Attention in the News”
2016. Ed. Shanto Iyengar. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. (with Amber Boydstun)

“Media and the Policy Agenda”
2016. Ed. Shanto Iyengar. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics. (with Bryan Jones and Maraam Dwidar)

Works in Progress

"Minority Representation and Minority Health"
With Rebecca Eissler and Eric McDaniel (under review)

“Valence of Attributes in News and the Effect on Public Opinion”
With Max McCombs and Shuning Lu

“When and why do MPs ask questions to the minister? A study of opposition behavior in the Danish parliament"
With Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Peter Mortensen and Rebecca Eissler

“The Electoral Affect: A Time-Series Cross-Section of Elite Policy Attention on Twitter.”

conference presentations


“From Major to Macro: A Macro Model of Policy Topics”
Comparative Agendas Project Conference. Edinburgh

“Impact of Media Agendas: Pulitzer Prize Journalism”
With Amber Boydstun. Comparative Agendas Project Conference. Edinburgh

“The Politics of Prioritization: Party Influence on Senators’ Attention”
Midwest Political Science Association

“The Tug of War: Presidential and Media Agenda Setting in the First 100 Days”
Midwest Political Science Association

"U.S. Senators on Twitter: Partisan Rhetoric in 140 Characters”
Southern Political Science Association


“Agenda Setting on Twitter: An Emerging Venue for Policy and Political Priorities
Comparative Agendas Project Conference. Geneva, Switzerland


“Individual Agendas: Communicating Domestic Violence Information in 140 Characters”
American Political Science Association

“Congressional Cues: Simultaneously Communicating Policy and Political Information in 140 Characters”
Comparative Agendas Project Conference. Lisbon, Portugal

"Representation and Health Outcomes”
With Rebecca Eissler and Eric McDaniel. Southern Political Science Association


“#Corresponding Conversations: Public Issue Priorities and Elite Issue Priorities on Twitter”
Comparative Agendas Project Conference. Konstanz, Germany

“Pulling Back the Curtain: Does Twitter Offer A New Window Into Established Policy Communities?”
Midwest Political Science Association

"Minority Representation and Minority Health"
With Rebecca Eissler and Eric McDaniel. Midwest Political Science Association

“The Evolution of Twitter Messages Before, During and After the May 20th Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma”
With Joe Ripberger, Carol Silva and Hank Jenkins-Smith). American Meteorological Society Conference

Research experience

university of texas

Graduate Director — 2017

Policy Agendas Project

Director of Undergraduate Research — 2015-2017

Policy Agendas Project

Graduate Research Assistant — 2016-2017

Professor Rhonda Evans

aarhus university

Visiting Researcher — 2015

Political Parties and Issue Strategies

Causes and Policy Consequences in Agenda Setting

university of oklahoma

Graduate Research Assistant — 2013-2014

Center for Applied Social Research

Teaching experience

university of texas

Undergraduate Education Director

Policy Agendas Project

Teaching Assistant

Research on the U.S. Congress

Professors: Bryan Jones and Sean Theriault

Intro to American Government

Professor: John McIver


Professor: Sean Theriault

Guest Instructor

U.S. Congress

Food and Politics

The U.S. Congress (graduate seminar)


university of oklahoma

Teaching Assistant

American Government

Professor: Jim Sheffield


University of Texas at Austin

Ph.D., Government,  May 2018

Dissertation: Politics of Prioritization: How Twitter Reflects Senators' Attention.

Committee: Bryan Jones (chair), Sean Theriault, Christopher Wlezien, Bartholomew Sparrow, and Frank Baumgartner

M.A., Government, 2014

Fields: American Politics, Public Policy

 University of Aarhus

Political Science Guest Researcher, 2015

University of Oklahoma

B.A., Political Science, 2011

B.A., Journalism, 2011

Research interests

American Politics

Political Institutions, Legislative Politics, Political Communication,

Policy Process, Representation, Social Media in Congress

Public Policy

Agenda-setting, Policy Process, Policy Outcomes, Decision-Making, Policy Analysis

additional training

Content Analysis in the Social Sciences
University of Texas, 2017

Supervised Teaching in Government
University of Texas, 2017

Visions in Methodology
University of California-Davis, 2016

Summer Statistics Institute
Text-as-Data, Multi-level modeling, Time Series University of Texas, 2013-2014

fellowships and awards


Graduate Studies Continuing Fellowship

Teaching Assistant Fellowship

Malcolm McDonald Fellowship

Reynolds Fellowship

McMahon Scholar Fellowship

Awards & Grants

SPSA Professional Development Award

Visions in Methodology Conference Grant

Aarhus University Guest Research Grant

APSA Professional Development Award

Pickle Chair Travel Award

Professional memberships

American Political Science Association
Political Communication, Legislative Studies, Public Policy

Midwest Political Science Association

Southern Political Science Association

Comparative Agendas Project

Referee service

Policy Studies Journal, American Politics Research, Urban Affairs Review, Social Science Quarterly

professional experience

Texas Tribune
Research Intern, 2012

News21: Voting Rights in America
Student Fellow and Blog Editor, 2012

Congressional Quarterly
Legislation Action Team, 2012

The Oklahoman
Copy Editor, 2011

Legislative Research, 2011

National Journal
Online and Multimedia Team, 2010

The San Francisco Chronicle
Sports Copy Desk, 2010

Office of Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Jari Askins
Media Relations, 2009-2010

Operations Assistant, 2008-2009

Democratic National Convention
ABC/CBN, 2008